We know that women struggle. Maybe it’s cancer. Maybe it’s being a single mother. Maybe it’s trying to survive homelessness or an abusive family. But we know that women are strong. They are explorers adventuring along life’s pathway, and they never give up.

And we know that all women are beautiful. Inside and out. We know that no matter what, they shine from within. But sometimes, women struggle with self-confidence and need to remember their beauty.

This is why we created Free Spirit Explorers: Because women’s stories are worth sharing, and we want to affirm women despite life’s circumstances. Often during difficult times, it can be hard to believe in one’s own beauty. We want to change that.


Free Spirit Explorers is a nomination program that allows nonprofits and/or friends to nominate a woman they feel deserves a portrait session.  

The entire session will be FREE of charge to that woman!

Note: $800 is needed per Free Spirit Explorer shoot to pay the team of people involved in making the dream a reality as well as to pay for any of the clothing or other “props” needed. Why isn’t this “team” of people volunteer only? Because Free Spirit Colorado believes in valuing artists and not always asking them for something for “volunteer” or  for “free”. Artists need to eat too. 😉 


What will a Free Spirit Explorers shoot entail?

  • Professional makeup and hair styling for the shoot.
  • Fancy dress or outfit will be provided.
  • A full 1-4 hour shoot.
  • All the edited digital files.
  • 5×7 prints of each file.
  • Free Spirit Colorado blog post eloquently written by a talented writer.

Note: Each Free Spirit Explorer’s name and face can be kept confidential in blog post if desired or required. However, as much as possible we would love to share their full and complete, unique and beautiful stories as we feel this helps further our cause by providing encouragement for any other women reading the blog post and seeing the resulting photographs. 

Nominate A Woman You Admire, Now!

If you know of a woman who deserves to remember how beautiful she is, nominate her here! While our focus is on nominations from nonprofits that work with women, we also accept nominations from others, too.

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